Household Goods Storage
Fork lift moving storage containers

Storage Facilities for Household Goods

When you need to place your household goods into storage, we inventory your items and pack them into storage vaults at your location. We then seal the vaults and transport them in air-ride trailers to our warehouse, where we stack them by lift truck. When you are ready, we deliver the vaults via air-ride equipment to your new location, still sealed as at the time of loading. Your belongings remain untouched until the vault is unsealed at your new residence.

Storage for Weeks, Months, and Longer

Perhaps you will opt to take delivery of all your goods at once. Or, you might want to keep some in storage until you finish some last-minute touches on your home. Or, you may need to keep them in our warehouse for several months until you locate a permanent residence. Whatever your situation, we will help you choose the storage option that is most economical for your move. These include those instances where you may need “storage in transit,” and let your household goods “sit” for a while until you are ready to take delivery.